What we do?

Lamaste is about learning through yoga.

We use yoga poses, yoga philosophy and games to creatively empower and educate kids and families with life skills to help them to be balanced, happy and healthy  individuals and units. 

Classes & Workshops in Cork. 

We have Fun Yoga Classes for 3-18 year olds

  • 3-6 years old

  • 7-11 years old

  • Teens 11+

  • Teens 15+

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Family Yoga

Adult and Child Yoga

Spend some quality time with your child or teen in our adult and child yoga and relaxation workshops.

1 hr 30 mins workshop for two                    €25 

(Healthy refreshments included)

Why Yoga?

Yoga can contribute to:

  • building self confidence

  • Flexibility, strength and motor skills

  • increasing children's focus and concentration

  • creativity and self expression.

  • positive stress management

  • relaxation and mindfulness

  • resilience and coping skills

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